Create plugin

Create a folder in the plugins folder. It will contain two files :

  • Sprite_[Folder Name].js
  • Game_[Folder Name].js

Example :

  • plugins
    • Foo
      • Sprite_Foo.js
      • Game_Foo.js

Sprite contains the method for the display and Game contains manipulation for data (see above)

Sprite_[Folder Name].js

Class.create("Sprite_[Folder Name]", {


Example :

Class.create("Sprite_Foo", {


Game_[Folder Name].js

Class.create("Game_[Folder Name]", {


Example :

Class.create("Game_Foo", {


Methods are called plugins. By Example :

Class.create("Sprite_Foo", {

    drawMapEnd: function(spriteset_map) {



drawMapEnd method is called when the display of the map is completed

Add Hook in your code"Sprite", "drawCharactersEnd", [this]);


  • Sprite or Game {String}
  • method name {String}
  • parameters of method {Array}